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Rabbis Fast for Darfur

Rabbis: Join Rabbi David Saperstein In A Solidarity Fast For Darfur

About the Fast
On April 27th, Mia Farrow began fasting in solidarity with the people of Darfur, who face ever worsening suffering since Sudanese President Bashir expelled over a dozen aid organizations from the country.  Mia Farrow had to stop fasting due to health reasons, and since then elected officials, activists, and celebrities including Congressman Donald Payne, musician Peter Gabriel, as well as hundreds of activists in over 35 countries have joined the fast, forming a chain of fasters.  As the rainy season threatens mass migration and epidemics in Darfur, rabbis across the continent will fast June 18th to coincide with the last day of Rabbi David Saperstein’s three day solidarity fast. Visit fastdarfur.org for more information on the fast. 

Resources to help publicize the crisis in Darfur, and your fast.

Contact Our Leaders to Take Action

Write a letter to the editor, calling on your members of Congress, and community, to act. Connect to your local papers now.

Spread the word.  Download a Service Insert and a Sample Op-Ed/Letter to the Editor.

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Join the Fast
The fast is a water-only fast, from sundown June 17th to sundown June 18th.  So that we may keep track of those fasting andcreate a community of solidarity, please RSVP below or e-mail mhellman-tincher@rac.org

Situation in Darfur
It has been almost three months since humanitarian groups were expelled from Sudan, and the situation remains largely unresolved.  The onset of the rainy season will likely lead to mass migration and water-borne disease epidemics in internally displaced persons camps, putting, as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon predicted, the lives of over one million people at risk.

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