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The bipartisan “joint resolution removing the deadline for the ratification of the equal rights amendment” (S.J.RES 15/H.J.RES 43) is an important step toward ensuring women’s equality across our country. The Equal Rights Amendment, first introduced in Congress in 1923, would provide blanket protections against any form of unequal law or unequal enforcement that discriminates based on sex. The Amendment passed Congress in 1972, but has yet to be ratified by the requisite 38 states. The joint resolution introduced in the 113th Congress would enable the ratification process to continue until three more states ratify this crucial amendment, and it can be formally incorporated into the U.S. Constitution.

Discrimination based on sex still occurs across our country in multiple different forms. Women continue to face pay inequality, only earning an average of 77 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. Women face additional inequities regarding benefits such as insurance, social security, and pensions; experience workplace discrimination in the form of the lack of pregnancy leave and flexibility; and continue to be discriminated against in the military and in the courtroom, particularly in cases of rape or sexual assault. In addition to rectifying these disparities, the Equal Rights Amendment would be immune to other unjust state laws, thereby safeguarding current protections that could be overturned or repealed by individual legislatures and preventing future discriminatory legislation.

Jewish Values

Inspired by our belief that all human beings are made b’tzelem elohim, in the image of God, the Reform Jewish Movement has long advocated for women’s rights. We support gender equality in all aspects of our society, and have supported – and continue to support – efforts to end pay discrimination, to stop violence against women and to protect a woman’s right to choose. Yet in addition to working on these individual endeavors, we must also work upstream to address the source of the solution, and to curtail discriminatory laws before they are even able to be enacted.

Take Action

In emails, faxes and phone calls, please contact your Senators and Representative and urge them to support the joint resolution removing the deadline for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (S.J.RES 15/H.J.RES 43). The Capitol Switchboard can be reached at 202.224.3121, or you can send an e-mail by entering your ZIP Code below.

For more information, please contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Sarah Greenberg at 202.387.2800.

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