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Rabbis Organizing Rabbis - Pledge to Stand with Ruth

Shavuot Immigration Advocacy 

Will you stand with Ruth?

On this Shavuot, we recommit ourselves to working with the modern-day strangers among us. On this Shavuot, ROR stands with Ruth – and so can you!

After you have pledged yes, join ROR in spreading the campaign message on social media by changing your profile picture to our "We Stand With Ruth" icon

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  • 1-25 of 78 signatures
    Number Date Name Location
    78 7.3 years ago Douglas Mirell CA
    77 7.3 years ago Ariana Silverman MI
    76 7.3 years ago Ylonda Glover WI
    75 7.3 years ago Eduardo Saucedo CA
    74 7.3 years ago Jared Saks ME
    73 7.3 years ago Danielle Grauman CA
    72 7.3 years ago Joel Simonds CA
    71 7.3 years ago Joel Simonds CA
    70 7.3 years ago Meredith Kahan OH
    69 7.3 years ago Joshua Taub TX
    68 7.3 years ago Sheldon Zimmerman NY
    67 7.3 years ago Andrew Gordon MD
    66 7.3 years ago Alexandria Shuval-Weiner GA
    65 7.3 years ago Shira Zemel VA
    64 7.3 years ago Rachel Smookler NY
    63 7.3 years ago Daniel Gropper NY
    62 7.3 years ago Rachel Silverstein VA
    61 7.3 years ago Michael Holzman VA
    60 7.3 years ago Beth Kalisch PA
    59 7.3 years ago Judith Siegal FL
    58 7.3 years ago Esther Adler MN
    57 7.3 years ago Michale Howald NY
    56 7.3 years ago Alissa Miller CA
    55 7.3 years ago Erin Boxt GA
    54 7.3 years ago Janice Mehring CA
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    Download the Liturgy  Click to download the text study

    You can share the liturgy by reading it during services, including it in your synagogue bulletin, sharing it over email, printing or posting it for your congregation/community, or sharing on Facebook or Twitter (using the hashtag #WeStandWithRuth). You can use the text study during Shavuot tikkun, or in adult education classes leading up to Shavuot. 

    However you chose to share these ritual components, let us know that you are joining ROR – that you Stand with Ruth!