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Wander No More: Reform CA's Campaign for Affordable Housing

Wander No MoreIn our Jewish tradition, a mitzvah (commandment) is often preceded by a blessing. Before you share this letter with your legislators, we invite you to join with all of Reform CA in sharing this blessing (see below).

This action alert tells the California legislature of the dire need to allocate significant funds to affordable housing in California. The letter also makes the case for why building affordable homes near public transit is an important and effective way to allocate cap-and-trade funding. Urge your Senator and Assembly Member to support ongoing, steady state investment in affordable housing

Learn more about this initiative - including detailed background information on California's housing crisis and how this initiative could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our state - at rac.org/ReformCA.

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    Jewish Values: A Blessing

    Safe in my home, I feel the sturdy walls protect me.  I gaze out the windows and watch the wind sway the trees, the sun beat down relentlessly, the much needed rain drench the ground on occasion, and the cold and heat have its way with all things outside.  And I am grateful to be inside.  When I have shelter, I am shielded behind a door that locks and a roof that keeps out any danger that lurks.  I feel lucky.  I feel blessed.  I offer these words, the blessing of my/our home: 

    בזה השער לא יבוא צער.
    בזאת הדירה לא תבוא צרה.
    בזאת הדלת לא תבוא בהלה.
    בזאת המחלקה לא תבוא מחלוקת.
    בזה המקום תהי ברכה ושלום.

    Bezeh hashaˁar lo yavo tzaˁar.
    Bezot haddirah lo tavo tzarah.
    Bezot haddelet lo tavo bahalah.
    Bezot hammaḥlaqah lo tavo maḥloqet.
    Bezeh hammaqom tehi b'rakhah v'shalom.

    Let no sadness come through this gate.
    Let no trouble come to this dwelling.
    Let no fear come through this door.
    Let no conflict be in this place.
    Let this home be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.

    And yet, I feel it is not enough to enjoy my own sense of shelter and peace.  So I join with my Jewish community – a people who knew both the vulnerability of wandering and the joy of dwelling within the sukkah for 40 years in the wilderness.  We take action so that all people will have access to a safe and stable home, to finding shelter they can afford, and to breathe in this sweet sense of security.  Ufros aleinu sukkat sh’lomecha.  God, spread over us your shelter of peace and give us the strength to work together that all can dwell underneath it. 

    Learn more at the Reform CA homepage

    Spread the Word

    Share this action alert with your friends and family in California, so that we might amplify our voices and echo this call north to south, east to west, to build affordable housing in California!

    Let us know you have offered this blessing of your heart and this blessing of your hands and feet. Say "Amen" and share your work on our Reform CA page on Facebook