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Urge Congress to Defend the ACA and Access to Affordable Health Care!

In the six years since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), almost 23 million previously uninsured Americans gained health care coverage. Few laws in the last 50 years have positively affected as many people on a daily basis. The 115th Congress is considering repealing the ACA.  Urge your Member of Congress to preserve the ACA and ensure millions of Americans maintain their access to healthcare.

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  • Background

    The ACA changed the lives of millions of Americans for the better. Before the law ‘s enactment, individuals with preexisting conditions could be denied healthcare, and women could be denied coverage or charged more solely because of their gender.

    The ACA has primarily expanded coverage through three mechanisms: Medicaid expansion, tax credits for individual purchasing insurance through the private marketplace, and the individual and employer mandate. Each of these provisions will likely be under threat in the next Congress. A repeal could mean spiking prices and private market collapse, which the Urban Institute estimates would leave an additional 7.3 million people uninsured.

    The ACA has been particularly important for low-income families who neither received healthcare from their employer nor qualified for government-run insurance. Repealing the Affordable Care Act without a viable replacement would send many into turmoil and would especially affect the most vulnerable population. Legislators must address the consequences of repealing such a major piece of legislation without a replacement that ensures affordable access to care.

    Jewish Values

    For centuries, Jewish law has commanded communities to provide healthcare to their inhabitants (Mishneh Torah, Hilchot De'ot IV: 23). We learn that healthcare is a core element of creating a society of equality and justice. Leaving millions of people without healthcare would undermine years of progress and an important measure that lifts up the most vulnerable among us.

    More Information
    For more on this issue, visit the RAC’s healthcare page, or check out the RACBlog. You can also contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Nathan Bennett at (202) 387-2800.