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Act now to support SB-10 and SB-100

Two key bills intended to protect the environment and make our criminal justice system more fair are coming up before the California Assembly before the end of January. SB-100, The 100% Clean Energy Act of 2017, requires that all electricity in California come from carbon-free and renewable sources by 2045. SB-10, The California Money Bail Reform Act of 2017, makes our judicial system more fair by ensuring that people are held in pretrial detention because they are a danger or a flight risk and not simply because of their inability to afford to pay bail. Urge your assemblymember to support these two important bills.

Call-in script
Good morning/afternoon. My name is _______ and I’m a member of _________________[congregation name] and Reform California, and I am a resident of _______ [Assembly District]. I’m calling to urge Assemblymember______ to vote YES on SB-100, the California Clean Energy Act, and SB-10, the Money Bail Reform Act. My Reform Jewish values compel me to advocate for a world filled with justice and compassion. This includes protecting our natural resources for generations to come and ensuring that our criminal justice system treats everyone equitably. Thank you. 


SB-100: The California Clean Energy Act: This bill requires that California transitions to 100% clean, renewable energy by the year 2045--and sets reasonable, measurable benchmarks over the next 27 years to make this goal a reality. SB-100 would dramatically reduce California’s greenhouse gas emissions, promote economic growth throughout the state, and reduce air pollution in vulnerable communities where power plants are often located. Learn more on Reform California's website.

SB-10: Money Bail Reform Act: This bill ensures that people are not held in jail before their trial simply because of their inability to afford bail. SB 10 would require that a pretrial services agency conduct a risk assessment for all those charged with non-violent offenses and prepare a report that makes recommendations on conditions of release for the person pretrial. Learn more on Reform California's website.

Both bills provide us the opportunity to create a better California--cleaner air without reliance on fossil fuels, and a fairer criminal justice system that doesn’t penalize poverty.