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At the 2009 Biennial, the Union for Reform Judaism overwhelmingly adopted a “Resolution on Iran” that calls on its members and affiliate organizations to advocate for effective sanctions and divestment legislation against Iran until it cooperates with international authorities and ceases efforts to develop nuclear weapons capability. The Central Conference of American Rabbis affirmed this policy with a “Statement in Support of Sanctions Against Iran” passed at its 2010 Convention.

The urgency of a nuclear Iran’s potential impact on the international community demands that we continue to speak out and act. Iran’s failure to change its nuclear policy has led the United States to explore stronger economic pressures. Economic sanctions are a powerful method to make clear to the Iranian government that the continued development of a nuclear weapons program is unacceptable. Both the House and the Senate have passed strong legislation in favor of sanctions against Iran that target the petroleum, financial, and investment sectors, as well as those guilty of human rights violations and involvement in the state sponsorship of terrorist activities. The Senate voted 99-0 in favor of the legislation, and the House voted 408-8 (Reps. Baird, Baldwin, Blumenauer, Conyers, Kucinich, Stark, Flake, and Paul voted Nay).


With its continued human rights abuses, its stated opposition to the existence of the state of Israel, denial of the Holocaust, sponsorship of terrorist organizations, and enrichment of uranium in defiance of international inspectors, Iran presents fundamental challenges to the Jewish ideal that we “seek peace and pursue it” (Psalms 34:15). Jewish rules on warfare eschew weapons that would kill indiscriminately and create sustained and lasting damage to the environment. Economic sanctions and divestment will increase leverage in our effort to achieve credible assurances that the government of Iran has ceased all efforts to develop nuclear weapons capability and is cooperating with international inspectors.


In a powerful display of bipartisan cooperation, the Senate and the House passed H.R. 2194, which will enact strong new sanctions against Iran. Thank your Representative and Senators for their votes, and urge President Obama to swiftly sign this legislation into law. The Capitol Switchboard can be reached at 202.224.3121, or you can send an email by entering your zip code below. For more information, contact Legislative Assistant Liz Piper-Goldberg at 202.387.2800 or visit

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