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Tell President Obama and Members of Congress - Support Middle East Peace

Throughout the years, from the Egypt-Israel Peace Agreement, to the Oslo Accords, the Jordanian-Israeli Peace Treaty, and Camp David, history teaches us that significant advances in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are achieved with active North American leadership and participation. The United States and Canada have a vitally important role to play in facilitating peace negotiations.

President Obama and Secretary Kerry have taken important steps to initiate diplomatic efforts to work toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Palestinian leaders must, of course, eschew violence and end the rocket attacks before the only viable solution to the conflict, with two states, living side by side in peace and security, can begin to be reached. Further, the support of Congress is vital to augmenting the efforts of world leaders working toward a Middle East peace agreement.

Throughout the Reform Movement's history, in times of peace and in times of strife, we have spoken out in unequivocal and unconditional support of the State of Israel and her people. This support stems from a love of the land and an understanding that the destinies of the Jewish people and of Israel are intertwined in an unbreakable connection. Jewish values teach us that our country should be an advocate for peace among the nations, emphasizing the importance of North American leadership in the peace process.

At this critical juncture, all leaders must take ambitious action to bring about an enduring peace agreement. Please contact President Obama and your Members of Congress, urging them to support active U.S. involvement and leadership in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

You can send an e-mail by entering your Zip Code. For more information, please contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Deborah Goldberg
 at 202.387.2800.

You can call the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121 to be directed to your representative, or enter your Zip Code above to see your representative and their telephone/fax numbers.