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The Reform Movement Knows: We Are Better Than This

Each year,100,000 Americans are injured or killed because of gun-related crimes. In recent weeks, too many horrific incidents of gun violence have captured national attention, reflecting the worsening ideological divisiveness, anger and intolerance in our nation, all of which must end. The fact remains that this trend of violence threatens us all and violates the values of respect for others that must be paramount in American civic and political life.

WeAreBetterThanThis.org was launched after the tragic shooting in Aurora, CO as a platform for a national conversation about the need for sensible gun control laws. The goal of the petition is to spark a conversation about gun control among elected officials, victims’ families, affected communities, law enforcement, and more.  

Jewish Values

Jewish tradition emphasizes the sanctity and primary value of human life. The Bible commands us "Thou shalt not murder." The Talmud teaches us that "he who takes one life it is as though he has destroyed the universe and he who saves one life it is as though he has saved the universe." In an increasingly impersonal and alienating society, the dehumanizing of the human being and the carelessness with which human life is taken stand in direct violation of these affirmations of our tradition.  

The URJ has long recognized the need for legislation "that would limit and control the sale and use of firearms" and has called on the United States government to "eliminate the manufacture, importation, advertising, sale, transfer and possession of handguns except for limited instances." (URJ 1975). Over the years, the URJ has spoken out on gun control with particular passion, insisting that gun regulation is "a vital necessity."

Take Action

Join the tens of thousands of Americans who have signed petitions urging elected officials to develop a real solution to the gun violence plaguing our country.



We are better than a nation where tragedies happen like the one in Aurora, Colorado.
We are better than a nation where 32 people are murdered by guns every day.

In the next president's term, 48,000 more Americans will be murdered with guns unless we do something about it.

The Second Amendment to the constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. It is time we acknowledge that right, put aside partisan politics and look for solutions that will save lives.

I add my passionate voice to the millions of Americans from across the country and across the political spectrum, coming together to demand solutions – real plans – from our elected officials to do something about the toll of gun violence on our nation.

Because I know
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